Logo Designs for A General Contractor

Where will your logo be printed? If you’re a digital business, it is easy to swap out and change (for the most part) and isn’t placed anywhere that’s permanent.

When you’re a brick ‘n’ mortar business/in person business, you’re going to print signage, banners, shirts, stationary, and all sorts of ‘permanent’ collateral.

Your logo is going to show up everywhere!

So is the case with Schifferer Built. This Arizona general contractor has built a family known name over three decades and in 2017 launched out on their own.

We didn’t ‘sell them’ on having a professional logo drafted. Our conversation consisted of explaining how they will spend thousands of dollars in the coming months to print a logo on collateral that is permanent. It would be disproportionate to spend nothing on design and spend tens of thousands of dollars on printing that design.

We are thrilled with the direction Schifferer Built took this design and even more thrilled with the end result.

Here is how they described what they wanted: Refined, Warm, Sharp, Heavy. Between those descriptors and 4 questions, we landed on a design that is now printed all around the Phoenix Metro area!

Building Your Pilates Studio Website

For Pilates by Jean, a Phoenix Pilates studio, their website exists for people who are looking for a Pilates studio. There is some education for people who do not know anything about Pilates and there are tools for current members, but the main purpose of the website is to help the Pilates seeker decide if this is the right studio for them.

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