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Ultimate Guide to Business Branding and Logo Design

If you’re starting a new business or reshaping an old business, you know you need a company name and logo. Chances are you have already considered a name, drafted several taglines, explored a collection of logos you like, picked out a few company colors and written out a mission statement. My question for you is: […]

Logo Designs for A General Contractor

Where will your logo be printed? If you’re a digital business, it is easy to swap out and change (for the most part) and isn’t placed anywhere that’s permanent. When you’re a brick ‘n’ mortar business/in person business, you’re going to print signage, banners, shirts, stationary, and all sorts of ‘permanent’ collateral. Your logo is […]

How to Make A Splash Page Website

The moment a business owner makes the decision (or gives the go ahead) to create a new business website, or upgrade the site that’s been a ‘placeholder’ for the last 10 years, the first step is often to make a list of what the site will need before the launch. You start thinking through your […]

Building Your Pilates Studio Website

For Pilates by Jean, a Phoenix Pilates studio, their website exists for people who are looking for a Pilates studio. There is some education for people who do not know anything about Pilates and there are tools for current members, but the main purpose of the website is to help the Pilates seeker decide if […]

How to Increase Organic Reach On Facebook

Facebook suddenly became a puzzle you couldn’t solve the moment you decided to use it to promote your business. You are serious about your business, building a strong online presence, and you’re not naive to think that you can just post something on Facebook and expect everyone to see it. So you’ve listen to podcasts, […]